Frequently Asked Questions

Housemate is the easiest smart home system in the home automation world! It can be easily installed, by replacing the existing traditional devices with the smart ones turning your home into a comfotable and fun place to live in. 

Housemate is a complilation of smart devices connected to the central unit in order to provide to you comfort, ease and security. The only system that has its own voice assistant!


  • Increased energy efficiency and save money
  • Remote control of home functions
  • Managing all of your home devices from one place
  • Flexibility for new devices, expand your system
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Voice assistance 

Ideal temperature & Perfect lighting
Control your house temperature and lighting according to your needs remotely from the housemate app, manually from the switches or by voice through voice assistant. Create scenarios to suit your lifestyle, save energy and money.

Improves security
The central unit has a camera which is activated easily through the housemate app so you can keep an eye on the house while you are away. Furthermore you can make video calls from your smartphone through the app in order to check up on the kids or an elderly person.

Make your everyday life easy
Voice assistant “Eleeza” can perform a variety of tasks including answering questions, making calls and sending messages, playing your favourite music, setting up alarms and creating to-do lists. Call for help in case of emergency by using the voice command “hey, Eleeza HELP” and automatically messages are being sent to all registered contacts in the housemate. With the smart sockets control and program your house appliances.

Installing housemate smart devices requires experience and familiarity with electrical installations. Therefore we recommend that it should be installed by a licensed electrician. You can find a certified housemate installer near you through 

After the system is installed the owner becomes the administrator, he/she can then add more users and give access to functions for each user.

You can control your smart home through housemate® app from any mobile device. Also from a personal computer via you can either log in to your acount or download the web app for windows 10.
Dowload housemate® from APP Store or Google Play Store. Sign in and connect your mobile device to your housemate package. For more info please see User’s manuals As far as the web app in case you go through housemate site just log in with your account codes. If you decide to download it to your pc after installation a window will appear with a QR code. Connect to your housemate through the app from your smartphone “Settings” -> “Add device” scan QR code and you are done. Your codes are stored you don’t have to go through this procedure again.
You can control your house with voice assistant “Eleeza” throught the central unit. The voice assistant is activated only when you use the activation key-phraze “hey, Eleeza”.
We respect your privacy concerns about voice assistants. The voice recognition has been designed to be activated only when the activation phrase is used. No other words, phrases, conversations or sounds are being recorded.
Voice assistant “Eleeza” react to voice commands and gives you the relevant information about your inquiry. She can perform a variety of tasks including answering questions, making calls and sending messages, playing your favourite music, setting up alarms and creating to-do lists. The data collected aim to provide you with an enjoyable and personalized experience.

Scenarios are set of functions for different devices programed by you to run at spefic time and dates. Choose a set of commands and group them together in a scenario, you can create a scenario that turns on the lights of the house everyday at 8 in the morning for example and name it “Good morning”. This scenario can be executed by voice command or manually from the central unit or from your smatphone through the app. You can create as many scenarios as you want there is no limitation.

The system will send you notifications that new software updates are available and will ask you to confirm the installation. Furthermore you can check manually for new updates from Settings → Updates.

Software updates are important because they not only bring new features but also include critical security updates. They can also improve the stability of your software, and remove outdated features. All of these updates are aimed at making your experience better.

You can control your house manually, all devices have touch buttons and you are able to turn them or off just by touching it. Off course you can control the devices form the central unit manually as well. The voice assistant “Eleeza” is not working without internet and also the remote control from the housemate app.
First of all make sure that your internet network connection is working. If not please contact your internet provider. If you have ruled out the network problems please try these actions on the central unit with the following order:
  1. check for updates
  2. reboot the Housemate app
  3. reboot the central unit (tablet)
If the problem persist please contact us at our support team will be happy to assist you.

One of the advantages of housemate smart home is that it is easy to expand!! Just buy the devices you need from our e-shop and connect them to your system.

After installing the new device (installation should be done by a licensed electrician) long press the on/off button for 5” until Wi-Fi indicator light quickly flashes, setting the device in pairing mode.

Go to “Settings” on housemate app, select the “add device” scan the QR code on the device box and set the device name.

Your new device is already embeded to your system and appears on the housemate control device with the name you have chosen.

The wireless network range is usually 30 meters iside a house. The signal may be influenced of the building construction on its operation.

We recommend that in each installation, the number of devices connected to the housemate hub should not exceed 35.

No this is not possible. The housemate system works on the most known exchange data network protocol, UDP. Data transfer from the devices to the router is encrypted to avoid any interference.

Every housemate package has a unique code number and a unique data exchange key among the devices. All devices in the housemate package are already paired with the central unit when you buy it and they can be controled only by it.

The housemate® package is available for purchase through the authorized sales points in our certified partners.
Yes there is a warranty and it is valid for 2 years after your purchase. See the warranty terms here.